French Connection Womens Bacongo Daisy Cotton, Fizi Pink/Multi, 2

French Connection Womens Bacongo Daisy Cotton, Fizi Pink/Multi, 2

12-Fizi Pink/Multi

12-Fizi Pink/Multi

Product Description

Meet the bacongo daisy dress - a perfect style for summer parties. It hugs close to curves for an accentuating fit and has subtle belt detail at the waist to define a narrow, elongated silhouette. Wear it through the season, changing your accessories to match your mood


Wide v- neck
Cap sleeves
Floral print
Belt- detailed waistline
Brand : French Connection
Item model num : 71FHD
MPN(PartNumber) : 71FHD
EAN : 0887916324051
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) :
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