The Quiet Forest

Illustrated by: Abi Cushman
Published by: Paula Wiseman Books/Simon & Schuster

Coming March 12, 2024!

When a small action creates a snowball effect that disrupts the peace of the animals, the forest and a bear cub restore order once more in this delightfully funny picture book.

Deep in the woods,
a mouse wanders alone.
A mischievous mouse
in a quiet, nothing-to-do forest.

One small mishap quickly snowballs into a chain of outrageous events, causing the whole forest full of animals to have a very loud day indeed!

Can the animals now find a way to bring calm and quiet back to their home?

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“The use of onomatopoeia, alliteration, and repetition makes for a lovely read-aloud experience, and the many humorous details in the art… make rereading a treat. At once fresh and familiar, silly and soothing.” — Kirkus ― 1/1/2024

“For audiences that love quiet, and those that loathe it, the joyful resolution following this jolt of antic boisterousness should strike a resounding chord.”

Publishers Weekly